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Virtual tour of Pattaya in 3D — newest version

Virtual tour of Pattaya, also called a virtual stroll, now possible allows you to examine in detail the main streets and alleys of the famous resort town. The new version, presented below, you immediately find yourself in Pattaya at the beginning of the most famous streets of the city  — Walking Street, for which many …

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Virtual tour in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Virtual tour in Chiang Mai, which is the largest city in northern Thailand, provides an interesting opportunity as a first introduction to this popular tourist destination, as well as an opportunity for a more detailed study it for different purposes, because the city is really very beautiful and original. Maybe for someone it is first …

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Bangkok Panorama 360 °: a bird’s eye view HD

New panorama of Bangkok, lets look at the capital of Thailand completely different perspective — a bird’s eye view. Currently available for panoramic viewing 8 points in Bangkok and the surrounding area, each of which allows you to better appreciate the enormous size of this city, its unique shape, stately man-made structures and natural landscapes. …

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