The main methods of fraud in Thailand

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Arsenal methods of fraud in Thailand used to tourists, is constantly increasing, but most scammers use the old and time-tested divorce, which tourists do not cease to be  not protected. Of course, even becoming a participator of one of the following situations, you should not bad to think of all the inhabitants of the Land of Smiles, but the probability of encountering a cheater in tourist areas is very high, so the knowledge of the dangers of Thailand will save you a lot of nerve cells and money.

The following describes the most popular methods of fraud in Thailand related to transport in the country and i give practical  tips for avoiding them. In a separate article describes the main ways of cheating tourists in Thailand. For your safety  i advise to read them all, but you can go to a specific method of fraud by clicking on the appropriate link in the content of the article.

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Cheating by taxi drivers and tuk tuks drivers

It’s no secret that the taxi drivers in tourist countries belong to the category of people who are more likely to resort to fraud. At best, they simply inflate the cost of travel or carry tourists on a longer route to earn as much as possible. Often, however, situations in which the total fare is surprisingly high. And the blame for this situation are the tourists themselves. Using the motorcycle taxi and taxi in Thailand, always negotiate the cost of the services in advance, and be sure to just turn on the taxi METER, if any. For more details about the use taxis in the country, including taxi-songteo (passenger pick-up) can be found in a separate article «Motorbike taxi and taxi in Pattaya» — information relevant to all over Thailand and help save a lot of your money.

More serious amateurs divorce tourists for money are the drivers tuk-tuks in Bangkok. Fraud scheme rather primitive but working: tuk tuk driver drove the you in some remote place in the city, the field that you are surrounded by his many colleagues and accomplices or simply require a trip for the amount that is several times higher than previously agreed. The situation is dangerous, read on forums about cases in which trying to call for help and resist tourists robbed and beaten. The complexity of the situation is that to protect themselves from such a trip is almost impossible. But fortunately, there are such frauds is very rare.
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Suggest as there can only be one thing: do not carry in your wallet a lot of money, so if it enters into a similar situation to part with a large sum of money, giving «all that is». And it is better not to use tuk-tuks movement in Bangkok that await tourists in the main areas of concentration of scams in the Thai capital — around Khao San Road and Patpong district. In addition, it is better not to use as a taxi tuk-tuks in Bangkok in cases where you are «drunk» because people intoxicated always attract attackers, becoming easy prey. If the above situation occurred — it is better to maintain your health and to remember or write down the number tuk-tuk (you can secretly photographed) and go to the police.

Fraudulent with transfers of tourists

By purchasing an integrated shuttle to move long distances in Thailand, which includes a trip to the various modes of transport, it is better not to resort to questionable firms that are not immediately provide tickets for all modes of transport. Here it’s not just that you are not driven to the desired point, and how it will be done. The main trouble is that you may need some extra money on the ferry, toll road, transfer to another passing trucks, etc., although the office will be assured that the sum indicated includes all move from point A to point B. result of an attempt to save money on the move will result in more expensive and spoiled the mood.

Also a lot of trouble can deliver and the fact that the length of your trip will be at the promised 8-10 hours, and much more. My friends traveled from Bangkok to Koh Samui with three transfers almost a day, although the usual bus ticket which includes the ferry to the island would cost them in a comparable amount, and the way would take half the time. By the way, a long way with changes not only robs you precious time of rest and tiring, but also leads to additional costs when you use an independent hotel reservation in advance and paid for a room, which in fact is not settled or the amount of the booked hotel rooms locked on the credit card, but because of the long hours of delay you do not have time to settle on time and losing money.

Сонгтэо в паттайе маршруты

You can avoid this situation by using buses known transport companies or using only a shuttle service firms that have a good reputation, for example, when it comes to Pattaya, a company «35 Pattaya Group». At present, the reviews of the various companies on the Internet a lot, so not difficult to find information on a specific one should arise. By the way, if you are still caught in the above situation with the transfer, be sure to place this information in the Internet, warning other tourists and perhaps thus forcing companies to change the way they work directly.

Theft of luggage on the buses

Rather cynical way of fraud, which often foraged unscrupulous carriers. For many years the tourist buses traveling to different regions of Thailand from Bangkok’s Khaosan Road, are notorious famous because of the theft of valuables placed in luggage bags and suitcases. The scheme is simple: as long as you make a long crossing, «specially trained» thai person reveals located in the bus luggage and valuables steal from there. Therefore, phones, cameras, laptops and other valuables, money and documents should always be taken in hand luggage.

There are cases when the luggage of tourists generally entirely been abducted still before bus departure: enterprising scammers simply remove it from the luggage compartment right «under the nose» by the owner, hiding in a suitcase or larger conventional bag. Of course, you can go to the police, but the chances are that the luggage will be is found, there is little, in fact draw the bus driver actually not for that. You can try to claim compensation from the carrier, but it is likely that his office is far away in the city in which you do not want to go back, and before the flight home is a few days or even hours.

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Council in this situation is the same: money and valuable documents to climb into the interior of the bus, and to get around it is best to use the buses do not travel agencies, and regular bus services reputable carriers who care about their own reputation and flying from Bus stations in Pattaya  or other cities Thailand. By the way, I personally have not heard of cases where stolen luggage or opened using major transport companies, but to relax and be vigilant not to be in any way, then the rest just will not be spoiled.

Methods of fraud when you rent car or motorbike

Before renting a car or motorbike in Thailand should carefully inspect the leased vehicles for damage and the presence of the latter is required to fix all of this in the contract. You can often hear the advice that you should carefully record  all the chips and scratches on the photo or video to the owner of the vehicle has not requested money for those injuries that were inflicted to you. I elaborate on this issue from a lawyer for a long time living in Thailand, who said that we should not seriously expect to such pictures and videos as evidence of your innocence to damage. Therefore, a thorough examination of transport and photo fixing damage is likely an allusion to the employee hire that you are aware of possible fraud.

If you rent a car, the amount of the deposit, which you can lose, even for minor injuries serious enough. Therefore, I advise you to use the insurance, which covers all forms of risks, including theft. By the way, there are quite a sneaky way of fraud in Thailand, where the hijacked trucks at night from the parking lot of the hotel by the owner rental, because the address of the hotel is almost always specified in the lease, and the spare key from the car or motorbike he always has. But fortunately this happens very rarely and, I suspect, in cases when a tourist his behavior has caused deep resentment among owner or an employee hire.

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More details specified topic are covered in the article «Transport’s rent in Thailand», immediately write only what never leave on the vehicle (as well as real estate in Thailand) pledged his passport — just copy and a cash deposit. Indeed, in the event of any conflict in the extreme case can be left in pledge to donate a sum, but if the car vendor will not give you a passport, you risk being left in the country for a long time, because the plane without a passport will not be allowed. And even if you know how and where to buy cheap airline tickets, it will be unnecessary and not at all small additional costs that could be spent with much greater benefit to themselves.

Scams in Thailand at the gas station

When you rent car in Thailand, you will probably have to take care of purchasing fuel for it. With the motorbike is the case quite easily — they consume little fuel, and buy another bottle with gasoline can  on the road (although at the gas station two times cheaper). But when refueling at gas station in Thailand always pay attention to the fuel meter on your column. Local gas stations sometimes used method of fraud in which the counter of fuel after the previous client is not reset. And if you have not noticed this before refueling, will have to pay not only filled into the gas tank of your car fuel, but also the amount of fuel that is left on the counter from the previous refuel. To avoid this situation is simple: you must always pay attention to the meter fuel to the chosen column.

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Maybe it’s not all methods of fraud in Thailand, which are associated with transport and movement in the country. However, even the knowledge of these popular local speculators tricks you can avoid a lot of trouble situations, to save you trouble, time and money, as well as a high degree of probability will help to ensure that on a visit to Thailand, you still have only positive emotions and memories!

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