Review of Tawaen beach on Koh Lan


Tawaen Beach on Koh Lan island is one of the largest, busiest and convenient for families with children beaches on the island, but this popularity have is a downside. Below is a detailed overview of the Tawaen beach on Koh Lan, describes ways how to quickly and inexpensively get to this beach. Also described in the article the advantages and disadvantages of the beach from the point of view rest there, and posted photos and videos from the Tawaen beach on Koh Lan — popular island close from Pattaya.

How to reach Tawaen beach on Koh Lan

Tawan Beach is located in the northern part of the island of Koh Lan, in a wide natural bay. Despite the fact that the beach is not a place of permanent habitation of local residents, (they live on the eastern shore island in the village Naban),  on the beach Tawaen has its own ferry pier, where every day and at any time of the year passenger ferries arriving from Pattaya. Since the cost of travel in one direction is only 30 baht, ie slightly less than $1, more  a cheaper way to get to this beach you will not find.

Tawaen Beach - view from the ferry pier

Tawaen Beach — view from the ferry pier

For details about using this ferry (where to find, how long is the trip, how to distinguish your ferry from another ferry,) and its actual schedule can be found in a separate article «How to get from Pattaya to Koh Lan on the ferry».  I will not repeat too, as you can get to the beach on the fast speedboat for 300 baht in both directions (or 200 baht one way). Ferry pier from concrete located on the west end of the beach Tawaen, ie if you get off the ferry and facing the beach, a large part of the beach is located on the left hand.

Ferry pier Tawaen Beach - view from above

Ferry pier Tawaen Beach — view from above

The bottom of the beach is relatively flat, and ferries are large, the pier is long enough, which is why after disembarking from the ferry will have a few more minutes to go directly to the beach. Afraid of burn in the sun at this time it is not necessary, since over by the pier and the path to it has a light roof. In the photo above you will notice Tawaen pier and moorings for him ferries. Incidentally, in the place where the first pier reaches the shore, waste narrow wooden walkway that leads to the nearby beach, which you can read in the article «Review of  Laem Sangwan beach (Koh Lan, Pattaya).»

Beach Tawaen Beach - view from the opposite side of the pier

Beach Tawaen Beach — view from the opposite side of the pier

Description Tawaen beach on Koh Lan

As one of the longest and widest beaches of Koh Lan, Tawaen beach boasts almost white sand that always gives the water an emerald color, and gently sloping entrance into the water and slowly rolling waves that make this place the best one for swimming with children For example, when vacationers come on holiday with children in Pattaya. But there is one thing that for me personally, negates all the advantages of this seemingly perfect beach. This fact — many Chinese. By the way, the bulk of this beach is noticeable on the ferry from Pattaya, which just goes to this beach.

Beach Tawaen Beach - situation at noon

Beach Tawaen Beach — situation at noon

The truth is out there lately more and more Russian tourists and the Chinese with increasing standard of living in their country and increase revenues are increasingly using speedboats. True habit to walk organized groups still strong, so loading and unloading on speedboats are orderly and timely manner, and separate groups of tourists often have external differences, for example, certain caps or T-shirts. That at first I was surprised, because it is a habit of some Chinese people do draw on the shoulders or chest big numbers in bold marker.

Tawaen Beach - typical view in the morning

Tawaen Beach on Koh Larn — typical view in the morning

When you plan relax on Tawaen beach you need to be prepared for an increased level of noise that creates Chinese families with children. Voices from the Chinese high and language, as well as Thai language, tone, so their melodic «meow» may at first somewhat annoying. Also, instead of a quiet relaxing holiday, many Chinese wander through the sand here and there, and the water swarming near the shore. By the way, swimmers at a greater depth than the average person on the belt, i can say that after you go  through the «Chinese» shallow water, followed you can have more places   for bathing and swimming: Chinese and other Asians usually do not swim, the main thing for them — have some fun in the water near the shore (usually more in clothes) and take pictures singly and in groups.

Tawaen Beach and Chinese vacationers there

Tawaen Beach and Chinese vacationers there

Video from Tawaen beach I plan upload later

Choose a place to swim in the Tawaen beach need based on the time of day and the current phase of the tide. There are moments when the gentle waves of the sea on some stretches of beach dokatyvayutsya right up to the line of sunbeds (and sometimes up to two), and sometimes sandy strip dries a few meters. Beach sun beds and umbrellas enough, but again because of the proximity with the Chinese and the noise is better to lose a little time and find a more peaceful place for swimming. As in other northern beaches of Koh Larn, sun most of the daylight shines from the island, so tanning on sunbeds Tawaen beach is not very suitable (especially as the series of umbrellas are very dense).

Tawaen Beach - Seafood Restaurant

Tawaen Beach — Seafood Restaurant

Shopping and meals on Tawaen beach

On the beach a lot of walking sellers with all sorts of hot and cold snacks and drinks. As I wrote, the bulk of the beach and the Russian-speaking Chinese, so sellers (and this Thais) gradually increase your vocabulary in Russian and Chinese. Along the beach Tawau passes paved path with numerous cafes, restaurants and Seafood, simply point where you can buy cheap food and drinks «take-away». In fact, many signs and menus translated into Russian (and Chinese), so that even ignorance Thai lets you quickly navigate and buy what you need.

Beach Tawaen Beach on Koh Lan - reasonable prices for food (menu in Russian and Chinese)

Beach Tawaen Beach on Koh Lan — reasonable prices for food (menu in Russian and Chinese)

If we talk about shopping, it is on Tawaen beach in my opinion it is the most developed of the island (compared to other beaches). Such a choice of things that may be needed on vacation, enough for a typical tourist: beach shoes and clothes, accessories for swimming, swimwear, hats, souvenirs, toys for children, handbags, jewelry, etc. Great choice on Koh Lana all this only in the area of ​​the main pier of the island — on the streets of the village Naban. I am sometimes asked whether there is a 7/11 store on Tawaen beach? Unfortunately, now it’s not there. Apparently, this format store is not profitable to work in a place where only the influx of people from 10 am to five pm.

Tawaen Beach - ideal for shopping

Tawaen Beach — ideal for shopping

Thus, the beach Tawaen to Koh Larn is a place of rest for those who want a fairly clean and gently sloping beach with a beautiful color of the water and the maximum transport accessibility (in addition to the ferry to spend on the road is not needed). It is possible good place for swimming, if you live on Koh Lana few days (see. Long vacation on the island of Koh Larn) and have the opportunity to come here in the morning (before the influx of tourists) or after five in the evening, when the last ferry departures from the pier  to Pattaya. By the way, you can stay right on Tawaen beach, near the beach because there are several inexpensive bungalows for tourists.

I hope this little review of the Tawan Beach on Koh Lan, as well as photos from this beach and a short piece of video, gave a clear idea of what to expect from this beach and what there can not be found. In any case, I wish you a pleasant and memorable stay!

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