How can you saving in travel

Как сэкономить на путешествии 2Our world is becoming more open and provide more opportunities for travel — independents and organized. Therefore no surprise that the number of tourists  increasing annually, and in last times replenished even people with average income or lower middle income. For these travelers  most pressing question of  «How i can saving in travel?». In this article, I will discuss the main points, the knowledge of which will allow you to organize your holiday abroad so as to save as much money without compromising the quality of the resulting relaxation.

Planning your journey in advance

At first glance, it’s a simple rule, but in reality, many people are still starting to think about planning your holiday only when the time until the rest is already limited, so the most affordable tickets have long been sold out. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many people still do not know how and where to buy cheap airline tickets. So if you really want to save money on travel, advise on opportunities to start searching for cheap flights and good hotels with a low cost of living for a few months before the planned trip. Especially now, when for you search possible on 728 airlines in the world and when best ticket reservation system is available for you directly on this site — using the form below.

Take your things in your hand luggage

If, during the journey you have to make flight low-cost airline, remember that the policy of such companies provided a limit on baggage weight. Therefore, carefully analyze its standard list of things on the road and think over what objects occupy a considerable volume and have substantial weight, you do not need so on the road. The only drawback that I constantly encounter when flying without luggage (only with hand baggage) — is the need to give up some of the usual things — knife, some fluids, etc., which can not carry on board the aircraft. By the way, in the article «What to bring to Thailand for a holiday» describes an indicative list of things that we can restrict not only for travel to that country, but also to any other seaside resort in the not too expensive for the rest in the country.

Flexibility in the planning of rest

You should not plan your trip to the school holidays at Christmas and New Year holidays, Easter and other holidays, when in your country or in the country holiday holidays observed mass associated with multiple outputs. Smart travelers who know exactly how to save on travel, hit the road in such a way to take a break just before the beginning of these events, or to start your holiday in a week after the end of the weekend. Such an approach is in some way, although to a lesser extent, also allows you to feel the atmosphere of holidays. For example, when I traveled to the cities of Poland in the second half of January 2012, in my country signs of past Christmas and New Year (Christmas trees, outdoor decorations, etc.) have already been removed, but in all cities in Poland  festive lights still flashed and everywhere feel the atmosphere of the holiday. The main savings in this case arises from the cheaper tickets at the cost of hotel rooms that are maximally loaded only during the high season and mass celebrations.


Relax after the high season


Everyone wanted to relax in the midst of the tourist season, when climatic conditions for this selected country or resort optimum. However, if you really want to save money on travel, it should be planned at a time when the highest season comes to an end or have already finished. Even the most popular tourist cities in the world, which include the Rome and Paris, are characterized by seasonality, which determines the price level not only in hotels, but also to other popular tourist services, including food, entertainment and shopping.

On beach resort price situation is even more favorable for those who rest not in peak season. Here it should be noted that the conversation is not about to rest in the country at a time when there is absolutely impossible to swim or spend days it rains. It is primarily about the period when the temperature at the resort just above or just below the optimum, and the water is quite suitable for swimming, not only for adults but also for children. In European countries this September October when the holiday in the Mediterranean becomes much more accessible than in the summer, but no less quality. In many other popular tourist countries such as Thailand and all you can choose the places where the conditions for affordable vacation can be found at any time of the year. More information can be found on the page «Weather in Thailand by months: cities and resorts.»

Cheap flights — just landmark destinations

If you find cheap flights to popular tourist town, it is not necessary to spend an entire vacation there, because it is possible that during this period there is a peak tourist and, accordingly, the highest price of the year. At the same time can be quite comfortable and interesting way to spend your vacation in other cities or even neighboring countries. For example, to fly to Barcelona in the summer, not necessarily stay there for long, because in Catalonia and in Spain in general is something to see, stay in  small coastal cities, which no less suitable for recreation, but offer much more democratic prices.

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Transport in Europe comfortable and goes quickly, and in fact you can even rent a car and visit the nearby regions of neighboring countries, such as French Provence or lost in the Pyrenees mountains of Andorra. Similarly, you can do when planning a budget travel in Southeast Asia. At almost any time of the year you can find tickets that allow to fly to Thailand cheap, and already from Bangkok to make a fascinating journey to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, using ground transportation movements or local low-cost airline.

Do not go to restaurants for tourists

Many travelers mistakenly think that taste national dishes of the best restaurants in the popular tourist attractions are located in the corresponding quarter. Such restaurants and cafés are often mentioned in guidebooks and described as mandatory to visit. Typically, the cost of food and drinks in these restaurants is unreasonably high, and the service because of the «assembly line» visitors may leave something to be desired (by itself, everywhere there are pleasant exceptions). So do not give in to the instinct of the crowd and choose places for dinner on the resort’s main street, because it cost to move a couple of hundred meters away and you can easily find out there is no worst institution in which the price is much lower, but because of the smaller number of customer service will be better and, often, more soulful.

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Also save on food abroad enables compliance with the rules under which a mandatory schedule includes normal breakfast and lunch. In the extreme case, when you travel a lot and view the local attractions, supply of drinks and sandwiches for the road, just make sure that the latter have not deteriorated in hot climates. Neglect of the morning and afternoon meals leads to the fact that in the evening the travelers roam excessive appetite, quench that come in a cafe or restaurant, and in fact in the evening cost of meals is always markedly increased.

Make the choice of hotel seriously and comprehensively

Today, find and book a hotel through the Internet is not a problem. Look no official websites of hotels in the network, it suffices to use intelligent search in the specialized service. Previously, I always used the service, but recently i prefer Hotellook, which is looking for the best prices on the same number once in 32 booking systems, including the same As a result, the price will always be the lowest, what you can personally make sure by using the form below search hotels worldwide.

For more information about the benefits of the service and the manner of its proper use can be found on the page «How to book a hotel on their own. All ways». Immediately, I note only that the cheapest option is not always the hotel allows you to save on travel. Booking a hotel, always read customer reviews, which were already living there, explore the hotel’s location on the map. It is possible that it would be cheaper to stay right in the city center in a more expensive hotel and not spend money on transport  than to live in a cheap hotel on the edge and get to it by taxi late at night due to lack of other means of transport.

It makes sense when booking hotels attentive to the list of services that are included in the room rate. I personally do when choosing a hotel usually to make mistake when i put a tick in the column «pool.» As a result, have to pay $10-15 more per night, and the pool itself is often not possible to use even once (due to late return to the hotel and chek out early). So choose the amenities that you are really important. For not too hot weather can be sacrificed for the benefit of air conditioning fan, and a cheap tourist country, for example, in Thailand, it is possible to abandon the breakfast at the hotel, etc. I think the principle that allows to save on travel when choosing a hotel, you understand.

Cooking meals for self

Considerable savings can be achieved with self-catering, especially if you are not traveling alone, as a big company or a family. By purchasing inexpensive products in local markets or in large supermarkets, it is possible quality and inexpensive to eat at least once a day. The main thing is not to overdo it, because you are still traveling, so the food should be easy and quick to prepare. By the way, if you really want to save money on travel, not to buy too many products for the future, because it is possible that because of the rich excursion program on cooking time will not be as much as you originally expected. Therefore, before heading home or to another city all perishable products have to eat or fast, or throw in the trash.

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Vacation planning — the key to saving money in travel

Knowing the approximate duration of the trip, you can still purchase tickets before or immediately after their purchase to start planning the program each day of your holiday. Sketch a rough plan of sightseeing, find out the transport timetable for travel between cities, if you are no going to spend all the time on the same resort. Today, the internet can help you find the schedule of museums and parks, to obtain information about the days when tickets in such places the cheapest or even free, and a lot of other useful information that will definitely help to save money on travel.

For me, travel planning no less fascinating than the  journey itself. I like to make special tables with formulas in Excell, where I am submitting data on the cost of local transport servises, visas, tickets, parks, museums and entertainment. May soon be available at the site one of these tables. By the way, compared with 2006, when I was planning the first my independent trip to Egypt, this process has become much easier, because the information on the Internet is not need  longer find  bit by bit, as it was only 8 years ago. Currently, almost any response became possible to quickly find detailed answers in net. I too always try to give to travelers on this site many useful information.

So you can add the site in browser bookmarks and subscribe to our news. Very soon will be  much useful and proven information that will definitely help you in planning your vacation and will tell you how to save money on travel. I wish you a pleasant and relaxing holiday!

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