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This webcam Lloret de Mar located in the southern part of the city’s main beach. But as the webcam is turned to the north, in its lens gets about 90% of the coastline, stretching for more than one and a half kilometers. Unlike previous resort webcams, allowing to see in addition to the beach and a large section of the Mediterranean Sea, in the center of this webcam – promenade “Passeig del Mar”. This place is a favorite place for evening walks all city residents and tourists. Excellent Mediterranean cuisine restaurants, nightclubs and bars are cozy, comfortable hotel – all of this can be found near the waterfront. n addition to the picturesque palm trees and paved with red stone blocks of the pedestrian zone, the embankment is decorated in bright colors painted a modernist building.

The main holiday season is in Lloret de Mar for about eight months – from mid-March to late November. But even in the remaining months, when the temperature of the water and big waves do not allow swimming, the resort tourists come from around the world. During the summer months of even with only one of the webcam can be seen numerous tourist buses that drive up new groups of tourists and take away those guests who have completed their holiday at a resort and will return home rested and scored vivid impressions. In the background you can see mountain around the resort that create ideal conditions for relaxing climate in the resort. Central and the entire right side holds a 45-meter private beach with sun beds, umbrellas and all sorts of water sports. The best conditions for viewing this webcam in a bright sunny day – afternoon until nightfall.

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