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This webcam is located near the main beach resort of Lloret de Mar in Catalonia. With this webcam, you can in real time to admire the southern part of the Lloret beach (Platja de Lloret). The location is very scenic, not only because the bright sand and clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, but also due to the rocky promontory that protects the southern part of the beach from the blowing winds from the continent. The combination of water, sand and mountains are always pleasing to the eye, especially during a bright sunny day. Therefore, the southern part of the beach of Lloret, where the holiday season lasts about 8 months, is no exception and brings only positive emotions while watching.

In addition to the beach, which is the main object of view, the lens of the webcam Lloret de Mar gets a part of the waterfront of this small resort town with a worldwide reputation. In particular, in the foreground can be seen requisite infrastructure pedestrian zone, which is decorated with a number of large and small green palm trees. Unlike other online webcams in Lloret de Mar, which are somewhat “blinded” by the rising sun in the morning, this allows a good view of everything happening on the beach from early morning until late at night. By the way, the camera itself is working around the clock. But the best time to view – light day, when all the colors are bright and natural.

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