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A selection of the best webcams in Lloret de Mar, which you will find on this page will certainly be interesting for all fans of this popular resort in Spain. Also in webcams are interested and those who are just going to relax on one of the most popular beaches not only in Catalonia but also in Spain. Currently, you can easily find a detailed description with photos of the resort in the tourist brochures or on many websites on the Internet. But only live  webcams Lloret de Mar allowing you to see everything that is going on at the resort at the current time, not as happened some time ago, and give the most realistic representation of this resort in the time, when you see.

All webcams, which placed on the  page, located near the city’s main beach, having a length of 1630 meters and 45 meters in width. Such an arrangement is not accidental: it is this sandy beach is a hallmark of the city and most of the tourists are returning to Lloret de Mar again and again just for the sake of all the days to spend on the beach, and spent the nights in the numerous clubs and discos of the resort , which are also available near the beach. But even a large number of tourists, who during the long holiday season increases the number of inhabitants of Lloret de Mar in a few times, do not interfere with recreation.

This is due to the fact that the beach area is really huge, and enough space to everyone, even if a certain angle webcam Lloret de Mar, it seems that the people at the beach a lot. In addition, for those who like a quiet holiday far from the city, there are other, more secluded beaches. They are located in a beautiful bay surrounded by picturesque cliffs and the water is more transparent than in the main city beach, where it also is no problem, because the beach is deservedly awarded the blue flag.

With the help of the best webcams in Lloret de Mar, you can see that almost the entire area of the main beach resort, which locals call the Platja de Lloret (Lloret Beach) are available as a place for swimming in the sea, as well as areas where you can find popular water attractions: banana, jet skis, parasailing, water skiing, catamarans and kayaks rental. For more comfort, all vacationers can rent a parasol and sun lounger. There are also places where you can shower and use the toilet, as well buy drinks and ice cream.

With the help of some online webcam Lloret de Mar, you may notice that the beach periodically moor boats and sailing yachts, catamarans. Yahts allow make fascinating boat trips along the coast. Big boats also serve as the local water transport, which allows inexpensive to get to neighboring towns. So, picturesque half-hour trip to Tossa de Mar (the town is famous for the beautiful bay and the castle) will cost just 15 euros (price in both directions). Similar cost and a trip to the town of Blanes, which is located south of Lloret de Mar.

By the way, at a time when on the beach in Lloret de Mar swim boats and yachts, you may notice that in one of the webcams have a small delay of about 3 seconds. In general, it should be noted that all the webcam Lloret de Mar are stable and pleasing to the eye a bright picture. It is very good that it is truly online webcams Lloret de Mar, which transmit high-quality live video from resort and not a slide show, as often happens with other cities and countries.

On a placed above widget you can be seen that the rest in Lloret de Mar can be very democratic. Clicking on any of the hotels on the map, you will get immediately an idea of the cost of living in it. As a rule, the price refers to a room (standard double), so easy to calculate how much will cost accommodation for each of guests. The map can be moved with the mouse, and to verify the number of rooms available on specific dates need to go to the hotel’s page on the «Show price». I remind you that the Hotellook service will show you always the best option, because this service  quickly check all available rooms at once in all the best booking systems, and this price will always be final, with no additional fees and charges.

Due to the inability to work correctly, all online webcams in Lloret de Mar on the one page, they are placed separately. On the other hand, it allows to save the traffic for all those who are interested in some specific webcam. For added convenience, i organized carousel principle. This means that you have the ability to jump to any webcam Lloret de Mar on the links posted below with a brief description. And then quickly move on to viewing the following web cameras via a single click (arrow above the webcam).

For those interested in the details, below the window player each of webcams available information on the time of work and the best time for viewing, as well as information on the site. Also at the bottom of each page with webcam Lloret de Mar (a text describing a location) you will find a link that will take you back to this page and you will quickly be able to choose any webcam Lloret de Mar from the list, without need to view those cameras that you’re not interested.

List of the  best LIVE WEBCAMS LLORET DE MAR (2016)

1. Webcam Lloret de Mar – Central beach onlain 

This webcam is located near the main beach resort of Lloret de Mar in Catalonia. With this webcam, you can in real time to admire the southern part of the Lloret beach (Platja de Lloret). The location is very scenic, not only because the bright sand and clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, but also due to the rocky promontory that protects the southern part of the beach from the blowing winds from the continent. The combination of water, sand and mountains are always pleasing to the eye, especially during a bright sunny day. Therefore, the southern part of the beach of Lloret, where the holiday season lasts about 8 months, is no exception and brings only positive emotions while watching. In addition to the beach, which is the main object of view, the lens of the webcam Lloret de Mar gets a part of the waterfront of this small resort town with a worldwide reputation.

2. Panoramic view to the Lloret de Mar beach 

The second webcam in Lloret de Mar is also located near the main natural attraction of the resort – on the main city beach. This beautiful beach, which each year attracts thousands of tourists from around the world, marked by the blue flag and Q tourist quality mark. It really shows the purity of sea water and sand in the beach, the safety during swimming and developed infrastructure. With this webcam Lloret de Mar can be sure that on the main beach of the resort presents a variety of water activities for children and adults, there are changing rooms and showers, allowing to wash off the sea salt from body. Periodically in designated areas moors sailing yachts, catamarans for embarkation / disembarkation of passengers. The total length of the beach of Lloret de Mar is more than 1,600 meters, and in the lens of this online webcam gets about a kilometer long beach.

3. Webcam Lloret de Mar online – Paseo del Mar

This webcam Lloret de Mar located in the southern part of the city’s main beach. But as the webcam is turned to the north, in its lens gets about 90% of the coastline, stretching for more than one and a half kilometers. Unlike previous resort webcams, allowing to see in addition to the beach and a large section of the Mediterranean Sea, in the center of this webcam – promenade “Passeig del Mar”. This place is a favorite place for evening walks all city residents and tourists. Excellent Mediterranean cuisine restaurants, nightclubs and bars are cozy, comfortable hotel – all of this can be found near the waterfront. n addition to the picturesque palm trees and paved with red stone blocks of the pedestrian zone, the embankment is decorated in bright colors painted a modernist building.

Currently a selection of webcams in Lloret de Mar has three that are working online. In addition, each of the webcams perfectly complements the other. This allows you to create a more complete picture of what is happening at the resort in the time when you look. Using online webcam Lloret de Mar, you can always see what the weather at the resort at the current time. You can also see the state of the sea (if the waves are and what their height). Finally, you have the opportunity to see the number of leisure travelers in several areas of the central beach and choose the best place for your more comfortable stay.

When i will find new webcams Lloret de Mar, this collection will be increased.  If you know of other web cams at this resort, you can also write about it in the comments. In the meantime, I wish you pleasant viewing of the cameras, which are available for viewing and least pleasant holiday in Lloret de Mar!

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