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This page shows the ancient temples of Egypt, located in the city of Luxor. And in  real-time, you  not just see the Luxor and Karnak temples with  one position, but you can make a virtual walk, because broadcasting is designed so that the Luxor Temple, and even more majestic and grand Kanrak temple can be seen not only outside but inside. This is what makes the new online webcam Egyptian temples of Luxor so valuable and interesting.

Both webcams start automatically after the page loads, but in some browsers you must click on the button «Play» to start playback, and wait a few seconds to load the translation. I remind you that to see the need to install plug-in Adobe Flash player, which is supported by modern browsers. including mobile. For more information about problems that may occur when viewing a picture of a web camera in Luxor, you can read in the article «Online webcam Thailand: cities and resorts.» A description of each web camera placed below.

Attention: not very high speed of your Internet connection, it is best to watch the webcam separately, that is, alternately, placing second pause (click for it on the corresponding button in the lower left corner of the camera.) button in the lower right corner will allow expand the webcam on the screen.

1. Luxor Temple in Egypt — live webcam

The ancient Luxor Temple is located right in the center of the modern city of Luxor, near the local train station and on the right side from flowing across the Nile, ie, on the east bank of the river. Erected as the chief of the Temple of Amun-Ra, Luxor Temple and today impresses with its size and grandeur of construction, even despite the fact that the neighboring temple of Karnak more. By placing above online webcam in Luxor temple can be seen in real time.

And thanks to the fact that the webcam is not simply passes the picture but periodically changes your perspective, you can see not only the main entrance to the Luxor Temple online, but also to consider in more detail the individual elements of the church, such as the giant statue and one of the stone obelisk. Once these were two obelisks, but in 1829 the king of Egypt, Muhammad Ali has presented one of France. Since then, the Obelisk from Luxor is set to Place de la Concorde in Paris and now is the most ancient monuments, not only of the French capital, but also the whole country.

Also in the foreground can be seen the avenue of sphinxes that nowadays preserved only near the Luxor Temple and near the temple of Karnak, and connects both of these ancient temple, the direct distance between them is about 2.4 kilometers. Because live webcam temple in Luxor is working around the clock, you can admire this ancient monumental construction at any time convenient for you.

When it is difficult to even estimate when the Luxor temple looks more majestic: the midday Egyptian sun at dawn or sunset, when the walls of the temple and the growing on-site palm unevenly painted by the setting or rising sun, or in the dark time of the day, when switched on artificial lighting to admire the temple of Luxor online and at this time of day.

2. Karnak temple in Luxor — live webcam

The second webcam is installed in the vicinity of modern Luxor and allows you to see online the most grandiose temple complex of ancient Egyptian New Kingdom — Karnak Temple. As described above the Temple of Luxor, Karnak temple complex located on the east bank of the Nile, though a little further from the river. To estimate the size of the temple complex, suffice it to say that it covers an area of about 30 hectares, with his hand up from 515 to 610 meters.

Unlike webcam Luxor Temple, which periodically makes «attack» on the main entrance, online webcam Carnac besides a more panoramic and ie from time to time not only brings those go other objects in the frame, but also turns on a wide enough angle that allows you to see more temples, columns and monumental figures in the complex, which inclusive in UNESCO World Heritage Site. True artificial light, in contrast to the first chamber then things are bad. so at night you can see almost nothing, although the camera up and running.

Of course, a webcam Temple of Karnak and the Temple of Luxor, even when viewing online are not allow to truly appreciate the grandeur of the buildings, to examine in detail the architectural elements and places preserved painted walls and columns, and standing in the hall of giant columns, make sure the power of the pharaohs of the time . But the general idea online webcam ancient Luxor about these objects can give and online. Those who attend these churches before will be able to look at them at any time online, and to remember his real journey there, and those who have not yet been in Egypt and particularly in Luxor may want to go out there in real life. Have fun and enjoyable actual travel !!!

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