Thai popular music — the best video clips

Популярная тайская музыкаThailand is a country with a well-developed private show business. Thai popular music sounds on television, heard of cars and bars. Of course, in the cities and in the resorts you can hear world hits, both modern and old enough. But in my opinion the majority of Thais, especially Taek prefer to listen to the songs in their native language for yourself and watch Thai clips, which have some of the features and differences from Western. Below, we briefly talked about these features and includes a collection of Thai clips that I personally like, and many Thais.

The second assertion (Thais love to placed below the Thai clips) is not just my opinion: many of these popular Thai songs at one time occupied a leading position in the local music charts. What are the features of modern Thai pop music? Firstly, the very direction of such music in the Land of Smiles is called «string» music. The second feature of the Thai show business — the presence of a large number of Thais mongrel.

It lyukryngi — children of mixed marriages between Thais and farangs (although correct to say between sly and farang) often act as singers, and if the soloist group or individual artist yet blooded Thai, then starring in music videos still perform all the same lyukryngi. By the way, the attitude of the Thais themselves to such «stalking» in Thailand may seem to some a bit strange: they not only are not considered human beings «second-class», as someone might think, but on the contrary — they are respected, they want to be like and etc.

A lot of young and secretly envy them all, because despite the daily whitening of the skin on the face and body, they will never become as bright as lyukryngi. But this is a topic for another article, but here we are still on the Thai popular music. Another feature of Thai music, or rather the Thai music videos — is the presence of many dialogues and thoughtful story.

Because of this music video can last much longer than the length of the song. It looks as follows: The clip begins with a dialogue or some other action, after which begins the song itself. At some point the music may stop longest losing streak of music without words or even a segment of the video without the music, that is, on the screen for a while only dialogs or actions. Thai song then resumed and the story ends.

Speaking of stories: they are usually simple: most of the songs as well as everywhere about love, often unrequited. In Thailand, there is still a class character in society, so many videos you can see just a love story of a poor girl (often from the village) and the rich young man (of course, from the big city). Can not do without a classic love triangle. Due to the fact that Thai men are «famous» as the most wrong in the world, a lot of clips of just about such a brutal female infidelity and revenge.

Separate category of Thai clips are those that are not represented some history. As a rule, it is fun and fast Thai songs, with many actors on stage (usually a crowd of beautiful girls in bright colorful costumes, sometimes quite sexy-looking). Incidentally, Thailand would not Thailand if in music videos sometimes not present «lediboi» and «that fights» 🙂 Be prepared for the fact that the Thai music videos often a lot of tears and crying not only girls but also boys .. . Finally, it is not nice feature is the presence of Thai clips in many of these advertisements, especially music channel SabaideeTV at the beginning, which sometimes takes up to 20 seconds.

An article about the popular Thai music is not accidental placed in the «Culture of Thailand». Firstly, the musical arts itself refers to culture. And, secondly, many Thai clips reveal a long national tradition, preserved in Thai society so far. Therefore, with lots of Thai clips allow foreigners to better understand some of the features of Thai life.

By the way, just warning that foreigners can not always properly understand the meaning of a song and stories presented in the video. This is facilitated as ignorance of the language, and especially Thai culture, many aspects of which are natural to the Thais, but it is not clear for farang. For a better understanding of the meaning of what is happening on the screen, some reported below under Thai clips I posted a brief description. Those moments that I do not quite understand myself, helped me to understand the «bearer» Thai 🙂

P.S. If you like any of the presented songs and you would like to receive it in the format MP3 (no dialogue and advertising) to listen to on the phone, write about it in the comments at the end of this article. If I have this song (and there are many), share a direct link to Yandex drives, where you can download your favorite song. By the way, for some reason I (and not only) Thai songs do not always like the first time. But after listening to some of their popular songs comes some inner understanding of them. For example in my playlists now probably at least 90% of Thai music. And some familiar as «hooked» on Thai music and listen to it regularly.

1.  เชือกผูกตาย ใจผูกพัน : บ่าววี อาร์ สยาม

The story of the oath of allegiance, random tragic circumstances and forgiveness. Tip: at the beginning of the clip girl reported that she was to meet with other …

2.  คนลืมไม่เจ็บเท่าคนจำ — แสน นากา

The title song is a meaning: the physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional pain from the fact that a loved one has changed you and you forgot … Very popular clip in the first half of 2014.

3. กะเทยไม่เคยนอกใจ — วิด ไฮเปอร์ อาร์ สยาม

Very long, but interesting video with meaning. I will not describe the details, since everything is clear. I can say only that if such a clip and was supposed to be, it is only in Thailand 🙂

4. นางร้ายป้ายแดง — กานดา อาร์สยาม

Clip about a love triangle that arose on the set. And the location of Thai girls opponent. Or fight for his love — as you wish 🙂

5. Yinglee: Your Heart For My Number

This hit the end of 2013 — the first half of 2014. It twisted in all bars, Go-Go, clubs and music channels every hour. Happy song with English subtitles. By the way, this song made a 30-year-old (no longer young by the standards of show business), a girl from the province of a real star, though she sings with 14 years. Woman called Ying Lee.

6. เธอไม่ใช่แฟนฉัน ฉันไม่ใช่แฟนเธอ — ตั๊กแตน ชลดา

Very melodic and sad dog that love is no more. «I’m not your girl more and you are no longer my boyfriend already» — so some can be translated title of the song, and what is happening on the screen is confirmed.

7.  ทำดีกับคนไกลตัว ทำชั่วกับคนใกล้ชิด — ฟิล์ม ณริทิพย์ อาร์ สยาม

Very popular in Thailand, song and video. Almost 14 million views only official channel confirms it. History of zavralsya kid and how the girl he was put into place.

8. ระยะสุดท้ายไม่มีจริง _ บ่าววี

Very sad song and story that true love can conquer not only the disease but also death. Hint: in the middle of the clip she sees her husband beside her, which is really not around.

9. ฟิล์ม บงกช — เจ็บแค่ไหนก็ยังรักอยู่ ost.อย่าลืมฉัน

The song is the soundtrack to the Thai film. Personally, I like this sad and melodic song that sings Taika with a bit strange hairdo but a good voice. Meaning of the song is that love — it is painful and not always the person can understand what is going on in his heart ….

10. บทเพลงแห่งความคิดถึง เอ-ม๊อบ อาร์ สยาม

Lately, my favorite Thai song. The meaning of the name and the content and — «I miss you.» This phrase is repeated in the test many times. In a clip from a young secretly very beautiful eyes.

11.  อ้ายตายสิไห่นำบ่ — เพชร สหรัตน์ ท็อปไลน์

Very melodic and sad Thai song and video. I first saw him in December 2014 while in Thailand. In my opinion, even without translation is easy to understand the meaning of this song and feel it to the ground.

In this selection of Thai popular music until finished, but I will definitely add funny and sad Thai clips on this page. It so happens that almost all of the songs featured above — a little sad, but I’ve always liked those. Happy viewing and listening to Thai music!