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Онлайн веб-камеры Пхукет - 2014Online Phuket webcams, the best selection of which is collected on this page to convey the beauty of this tropical island. Currently on the island you can find a lot of web cameras installed in places of interest in Phuket, but make a really good selection of cameras was not easy. In contrast to the well-known resort of Pattaya or Koh Samui, Phuket, many online web-cameras have a major drawback, which are explained below, and which for a long time does not allow the creation of this page. Fortunately, after a long search, the best webcams from the island of Phuket them finally managed to place on this site.

The fact is that the vast majority of webcams Thailand Phuket only conditionally possible to name online web cameras, because they do not transmit the video stream, for which Thailand’s lovers and this resort island in particular and go online, and the usual slideshow. At the same time the image refresh interval may be different, and as much as 10-15 minutes. Personally, I watch the slideshow is not very interesting, because in this case it is easier to search for a network of beautiful and vivid photos of the resort, made with high-quality photographic equipment lighting quality.

In my understanding online webcam Phuket should offer the opportunity to admire the rolling waves, palm trees swaying in the wind, reflected from seawater by solar flares, beautiful hotels on the coast, comfortable beach, etc. Such cameras, which allow a maximum way to achieve the effect of presence, I tried to collect on this page. Unfortunately, these cameras are not very many, but the search continues, and I hope that in the near future their bude much more. In the meantime, on the web page contains the camera, which broadcast the video stream and the ones that allow you to see online the island with the help of a slide show of pictures with frequent change — every few seconds.

Map of Phuket hotels at the best prices


Due to the increasing number of web-cameras in Phuket, the organization of the page has been changed. To speed up the loading of web cameras in order to save traffic, most of them were placed on separate pages. Go to any of webcams available for viewing, can be placed on the links below. by going to any of the first 11 webcams online at the links below Phuket, you will be able to move quickly to viewing the following web cameras via a single click (the arrow at the top of the page): Also carousel principle organized for the convenience of visitors. Also on each page of the web-camera (a text describing a location) has a link to this page where you can select any of Phuket webcam from the list available for viewing online.

LIST online webcam Phuket (2016)


1. Best webcam Karon beach (Phuket, Thailand)

Онлайн веб-камера Карон ПхукетOne of the best online webcams Phuket Island, set in Marina Phuket Resort Hotel together with the famous tour operator, whose logo can also be seen in the window of the video stream transmission. The camera is mounted closer to the southern part of the beach, so will monitor in real time for everything happening on the beach. With this webcam, you can watch the weather in Thailand is now in Phuket, because the camera coverage of a sufficiently broad and in addition to direct beach and the sea will allow to see the surrounding west coast of the island mountain ridge, as well as on the beach tropical vegetation. Perhaps, in comparison with other island beaches, Karon is not as picturesque plant, but white sand that crunches underfoot as snow causes many people to return to court again and again, especially when they know how to fly in Thailand cheap.

2. Karon Beach — live camera on Phuket island

Онлайн веб-камера Карон Пхукет

The second webcam of Karon Beach in Phuket, presented on this page is located in the western part of the island, directly on Karon Beach, ie on the border of his sandy strip. In contrast to the first webcam from this beach, which offers a panoramic view of almost the entire length of Karon Beach and turned it to the shore, a second webcam is not as impressed as she rolled out from the shore, that is, in the direction of the Andaman Sea in Thailand. That is why the lens gets only low tropical vegetation on the beach — young coconut palms, beach own sand and endless stretch of sea. Karon Beach in Phuket is very popular, it is not only one of the longest beaches on the island, but also to some extent unique beach. The sand on the beach in Karon is very light and soft, but, most importantly, it crunches under your feet like snow, and it’s an incredible feeling. in contrast to Patong Beach, located in the heart of Phuket parties, there is very quiet, even though all the water sports if you want you can always find.

3. Webcam on Kata Beach, Phuket — live

Онлайн веб-камера Kata Beach Resort

This  Phuket webcam is installed at the Kata Beach Resort, which is located on the first line of the famous beach of Kata. The beach itself is composed of fine white sand, located in the northwestern part of the island of Phuket, south of the no less famous Karon Beach. According to many tourists and locals on the beach of Kata is the cleanest sea in the whole island. It is believed that starting from May until mid-autumn on this beach is impossible to swim because of the strong waves that surfers love – more on that I wrote in the article “The rainy season in Thailand: visit or not to go.” Of course, a strong wind, and it caused them to wave at this time is not uncommon, however, as shown by including this online webcam Phuket, even at this time of year, the beach may be quite suitable for swimming and the breeze makes a stay at the resort even more comfortable . However, you should never forget about the dangers of underwater currents, the victims of which are sometimes too careless tourists.

4. Kata Beach Resort — Phuket live webcam

The second webcam of the Hotel Kata Beach Resort and Spa Phuket, which offers a bit of a different angle to enjoy the beach section of the hotel, a small island near the shore and just a beautiful area a comfortable 4-star Beach Resort and its original pool, located practically on the beach . Broadcast the second webcams from this beach provides the company Sayama Travel, for which she thanks a lot! Unlike the previous one, a webcam is stationary, ie, in the frame constantly the same objects, but the image is passed to this webcam, more clear and sharp, so I’m sure it will be popular with fans of Phuket and Thailand. Broadcast from the webcam will start automatically after the page loads, but in some cases, after a few minutes of viewing the image disappears and is visible only black screen. If you are faced with such a phenomenon, just refresh the page and continue browsing. Unfortunately, on a web camera without a timer, which would allow to make sure that the image is actually transmitted online.

5. Webcam in Foto Hotel on the Kata Noi beach (Phuket)

The original webcam on the island of Phuket, located in the western part of the island, close to its southern tip. The hotel itself is situated on a hill above the sea, so the webcam Foto Hotel is set high above the ground, and allows you to see quite an extensive stretch of coast, which includes almost the entire length of the Kata Noi beach, hotels and other buildings on the first and second lines of sea, as well as acting in the Andaman sea, a hilly promontory, which is the natural southern boundary of Kata Noi beach in Phuket. Foto Hotel, which is set this webcam Phuket, is a design hotel, which is positioned as a place for a romantic getaway. At the same time on the romance adjusts not only a great surrounding panoramic views, which including can be seen with the help of the web camera, but the bedrooms, even from photographs which it is clear that over their finished work by professional designers with good taste.

6. Webcam Patong Beach (Phuket, Thailand)

Пляж Патонг онлайн веб-камера Пхукет

New webcam installed directly on Phuket’s Patong Beach. Despite the fact that this beach is in many ways not the best in Phuket, Patong Beach is the most popular and popular with tourists. This is due to the fact that the beach area is concentrated a lot of hotels to suit all tastes and budgets, large shops and shopping centers, massage parlors, beauty salons, cafes and restaurants, travel agencies, etc. Finally, it is on Phuket’s Patong Beach takes almost all the night life of the resort, because it was there after dark the lights are lit numerous pubs, night clubs, discos and clubs A Go Go. Webcam Patong beach on Phuket is working around the clock, but the best time to see — during the daylight hours.

7. Webcam Patong beach — Bangla Road online

Another new webcam Patong on Phuket Island, established in the beginning of the famous Bangla Road — the most famous and popular tourist destination not only in the outside area of Patong Beach, but also on the island of Phuket. Almost 100% of the tourists coming to the island be sure to visit the said street. A considerable number of foreigners and did not arrive at Phuket for a beach holiday, namely the nightlife of the island, and most of which focused on Bangla Road. Due to the fact that the new webcam Patong works round the clock, it can be seen as a function of time of day changing lives in this part of the resort. Since its late night all the stops here until morning, when the first of the awakened tourists go to the beach or go on trips, and local residents are engaged in cleaning and preparing for another stormy evening and night.

8. Patong Tower webcam — Phuket live

Онлайн веб-камера Пхукет - Патонг ТауэрThe third webcam Phuket near Patong Beach – perhaps not the best on the island, but definitely the most popular beach on the resort. The camera does not broadcast the video stream, and a slide show, but due to the rapid renewal of the pictures – every few seconds – indicated webcam Phuket can be attributed to the category of online cameras resort. Especially as high-grade cameras with a video stream, which is located in Patong Beach area, there is still no, and it is this, and a few new cameras on the list given at least some idea about the state of the sea and the weather in Patong. A good overview of the camera due to the place of its installation, which acts as the tallest building in the area of the beach – Patong Tower. As has been written above, the picture at this Phuket Patong webcam updates every few seconds, allowing you to see what the sea in Thailand at this resort (the excitement on the beach, and the color of the water), the presence of clouds in the sky in the center of Phuket, the absence or the presence of precipitation.

9. Online Camera Phuket Town

New webcam on the island of Phuket, which is not installed on one of the beautiful beaches of the resort, but in the central part of the island, in the area of Phuket Town — Phuket’s administrative center and all of the homonymous province. This webcam gives a better idea of what Phuket is not only a tourist island with white sand beaches and located in the hills of the bungalows in the shade of coconut palms, but also an important city in the country with good infrastructure. So how to get from the airport to the beaches of Phuket Island is inexpensive and not difficult, a large part of the guests in Phuket usually chosen only the island beaches and they never visit to Phuket Town. On the other hand, take the city tour is really nothing, and only the most budget vacationers or those who came to Thailand for a long time, for example, in the winter, stay in the city because of the more affordable options for long-term stays in a comfortable environment.

10. Phuket Old Town — online webcam

The original webcam on the Phuket island, with which you can travel back to the area of Phuket-Town, or rather in its oldest and most picturesque district. Neighborhood “Old Town” in Phuket is located in the eastern part of the main island settlements, which in turn is placed on the eastern coast of the island, which is bordered by the Bay of Phang Nga. Before the lens webcam is fairly quiet narrow city street with modern cars parked on both sides of the street. A distinctive feature of the Old Town in Phuket is a unique blend of Chinese and Portuguese architecture, which can be seen in the appearance of the buildings in this part of town. Mixing styles observed due to active trading, which led the Chinese merchants with the Portuguese and the Dutch. It was an important strategic location of Phuket on the west side of the Malay Peninsula has led to the fact that more than a hundred years ago, there…

11. Phuket Old Town — online webcam №2

Another webcam on the island of Phuket, located in the Old Town district administrative center of the island. Webcam is placed on one of the buildings on the Thalang Road, which together with the Deebook Road, Phang Nga Road, Krabi Road, Yaowarat Road and small alleys and form mainly Old town Phuket. As with the first webcam from Phuket Old Town, here you can see the long narrow street with houses, the facades of which are adjacent to each other, and parked on the side of the road cars. At various times of the day the activity in the street changes. If in the morning and after dark all quiet enough in the middle of the day there is a actions – passing a lot of cars, tourists pass through the narrow sidewalks. The latter, by the way, there are many, because in the old town are a number of inexpensive but colorful guesthouses. For example, 43 Guesthouse, which is the sign can be seen at the bottom right of the screen.

 12. East Coast of Phuket —  3 onlain webcam

Веб-камеры восточный берег Пхукета

In addition to popular webcams on the west coast of the island of Phuket, which is broadcast from a long time carried out on the site are available in Phuket and other web-cameras that are installed on the east coast of the island. Starting today, these webcams the east coast of Phuket can be found on this page. Detailed description of the places where are installed webcams, as well as the characteristics of their operation can be found below on the page, directly under the windows playback cameras. It was originally planned to place the webcam from the east coast of Phuket on the same page with the main selection of the best webcams in Phuket, but in order to optimize the load on the site and a faster refresh with slow Internet, new web camera had to be placed separately.

Perhaps some permanent site visitors notice the absence of some of Phuket webcams that were previously present on the page. This was done due to time problems in translation, which can be corrected in the near future or may not occur again. I hope that in the near future will add to the broadcast page with a few interesting new online Phuket webcams. In the meantime, you can explore the island with the help cameras which already you can see on the page. Stay tuned and enjoy watching webcams!


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