Live webcams in Thailand: cities and resorts

Веб-камера в Тайланде 3Live webcams in Thailand, that can be used in almost real-time monitoring of life in cities and resorts of the country, are ubiquitous today. Despite the fact that the direct appointment of these webcams in Thailand is to provide security for the majority of the tourists such devices primarily provide an excellent opportunity to assess the situation at the resort, enjoy the local beauty, as well as serve as an excellent source of information about the weather in Thailand real time.

It is no secret that the most popular among tourists are the webcam in Thailand, installed on the well-known resorts of Pattaya and the surrounding area, Phuket, Koh Samui, as well as in the capital — Bangkok. On this site, I tried to collect all the webcams that provide free access for everyone working most of the day and aimed at interesting places to review.

Before you go to view images from webcams in Thailand, links to which are placed below, I remind you that the quality of the video stream itself and the ability to view images from a web camera depends on several factors:

— Speed ​​of internet connection you are using;

— The presence of a broadcast from the camera to the current time (we always try to specify the time of webcams, view from which is possible through our website);

— The time of day (in low light video Thai webcams leaves much to be desired, so do not forget to take into account the time difference with Thailand);

— Absence of temporary technical and organizational problems at hand, to broadcast;

— Availability of the required software on your computer (more on this later in the text of the article).

I try to post on the website only live webcam in Thailand, which have proved their best and are characterized by maximum stability, ie, provide for a review of interesting places (beaches, streets, hotels and bars) and work around the clock or on a pre-approved schedule, without the need to view the «dancing with a tambourine» on your part. For ease of viewing images from webcams in Thailand, they are grouped by city and a popular resort. Therefore, after clicking on the link will take you to the page where the image will be broadcast only from the area you are interested.

Such an approach allows not only to speed up the loading of online video, but also saves your internet traffic. In the process of uploading the video stream from a webcam, you can read the description of the place, which the video broadcast. Please note that some of webcams require some time to load the video stream, ie, Broadcast image begins after 1-2 minutes after clicking on the link.

List of  live webcams in Thailand:

Pattaya webcam online (9 pieces). Cameras are located in different areas of the city, allow us to estimate the current weather, sea state, the situation on the streets and in the bars. Added camera on Walking Street, LK-Metro, Beach Road, Bali Hai Pier and city beaches of resort.

Phuket webcams online (4 pieces). Allow to assess the situation on the main beaches of the island, give an idea of the number of tourists, up to date weather, sea conditions, etc. See also virtual tour of Phuket

Webcams on Koh Samui online (12 pcs). Mounted on the main beach and other popular tourist spots. Allow real-time to admire the bright tropical nature of the island, to assess the situation at the resort, check the current weather on Koh Samui.

Live webcams in Bangkok. Located on the main streets of the capital of Thailand and transmit the image, indicating a lively rhythm of the largest Asian metropolis.

Webcams in Krabi online. Allows you to remotely see the wonderful area of Thailand, a popular tourist destination south-western provinces of the country.

Webcams in Thailand from other cities of the country. Live Camera from such cities allow to get acquainted with the life that flows away from the popular tourist destinations of Thailand, as well as accurate information about the weather in Thailand by month and date.

Веб-камера в Таиланде 2

Possible problems when viewing webcams Thailand and their solution.

I’m sure many of you are faced with a situation where the choice of a regular webcam in Thailand or any other country instead of beautiful pictures get the message «Missing plug-in». This is due to the fact that watching a video with these cameras is not possible without installing additional software on your computer. The easiest way out of the situation, which until recently enjoyed myself — try to find another web camera that transmits images without any problems. However, when the situation is repeated too often, and the number of online webcams in Thailand with free access is still limited, we have to sooner or later begin to address the problems.

To play online video webcams in Thailand need to use Java machine, which may not be available in the Internet browser you are using, and may be available, but not be activated. For more information about installing and activating Java can be found on the official website.

Broadcast video with some live webcams of Thailand you must have installed on your PC in Windows Media Player or Player Adobe Flash Player (version desirable topical). If you are using Internet surfing browsers Firefox, Chrome or Opera, you may need to install a special plug-in (for all of these browsers suitable universal plug-in from Firefox).

Also, it is highly desirable to have a computer or laptop installed special codecs (audio and video), which will be useful not only to view the broadcast from webcams in Thailand, but also comfortable and easy to play any video files. I recommend to use the best and always relevant codec pack called K-Lite Codec Pack. Find and download this versatile package of codecs on the Internet will not be a problem, so do not place the link.

Another problem if you want to observe the life in Thailand with the help of online webcams is that most of today’s mobile devices do not support flash video format, so many are unable to browse with webcams Thailand on his tablet or smartphone. however, if your device runs on Android OS, then the solution is. You must install the browser Dolphin (you can download it like all programs in Google Play), and then download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and activate it. Personally, I did it, so I do not see the reasons why you do not get it again.

Have fun with online video webcams Thailand!

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