Karon Beach — live camera on Phuket island

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The second webcam of Karon Beach in Phuket, presented on this page is located in the western part of the island, directly on Karon Beach, ie on the border of his sandy strip. In contrast to the first webcam from this beach, which offers a panoramic view of almost the entire length of Karon Beach and turned it to the shore, a second webcam is not as impressed as she rolled out from the shore, that is, in the direction of the Andaman Sea in Thailand. That is why the lens gets only low tropical vegetation on the beach — young coconut palms, beach own sand and endless stretch of sea.

Karon Beach in Phuket is very popular, it is not only one of the longest beaches on the island, but also to some extent unique beach. The sand on the beach in Karon is very light and soft, but, most importantly, it crunches under your feet like snow, and it’s an incredible feeling. in contrast to Patong Beach, located in the heart of Phuket parties, there is very quiet, even though all the water sports if you want you can always find. On the map below placed on Karon Beach hotels can be found as cheap hotels and guest houses, as well as class «luxury» hotels — all at your discretion.

Map of hotels on Karon Beach (Phuket)

The only thing you can be sure sure — Hotelluk service will always find for you all the available hotel rooms available at the desired date and always at the best prices, because it is not just looking for a hotel, but also compares the cost immediately in all popular booking systems and always gives the best, the final price (including all fees, taxes and fees). Just click on the map for one of the green markers and immediately see the average cost of the chosen hotel, its «star» and an average rating of guests. There at the bottom right, you can move the «slider» so that to find there were only hotels at an affordable price for you.

Webcam on Karon Beach is working around the clock, like most other online Phuket webcams, a selection of which is shown in palma-travel.ru. At the same time pay attention to the fact that from time to time carry out preventive work, during which not broadcast online image, and the recording of an earlier day in a similar time. Therefore, I advise to always pay attention to the timer at the bottom of the screen, where the date and time. But even if the record of one of the previous days do not allow online to see, for example, what the weather is in Thailand now, it allows you to get an idea of how things are going on Karon Beach in Phuket. I wish you all a pleasant viewing and recreation on the island!

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