How to book a place in the plane salon

Как забронировать места в салоне самолета 2The question: How do I book a place in the plane salon? —  a interested a lot of travelers, because best place can provides you a great chance to make your trip more comfortable. This is due to the fact that not all the seats in the aircraft comply with the requirements that apply for different air passenger. Here are all the options that allow you to book exactly the seats in the cabin, which in your opinion will provide the maximum level of comfort during the trip.

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For more information about which places in airplanes, you can find the advantages and disadvantages of such places for the different categories of passengers can be read on the page «How to choose the seats in the plane salon.» Having determined on the basis of the available information is what you most preferable option, you can choose one of three options, each of which will most likely allow you to book a place on the plane, which suits you the most.


Choosing a place in the process of check-in

The classic way to  choosing place, which  was the only one possible before. You arrive at the airport to the beginning of registration for your flight to come to the front desk and one of the first to ask a staff member airlines (usually women) a place on the plane that you want to obtain. Sometimes a aircompany staff themselves can ask you about your preferences in this regard, but it is better not to risk it and do not hesitate to immediately tell you about places where you like to sit in the flight. In most cases, your wishes will be fulfilled, and you get a place that asked for without any problems. For example, next to a porthole in the front part of the aircraft or on the aisle at the rear.

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It’s a easiest way to book a place under the condition that you are flying alone or together with one person. The three or four choose places near is more difficult, but possible: again, provided if you arrive for registration early, before all the best seats are not finished yet. If you are flying two or three, I advise you to approach reception all together and immediately bring all passports (if approached by one, the seats on the plane next to the first passenger could easily take someone else, reserving it for another reception or online).

As I mentioned, usually in the presence of free workers airline seats at the front desk are going to meet the passengers and provide the desired place, however, to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome, I advise you to be polite and smile. In other words — to try to win personal charm. But the trick is not to give better, because now the airlines are often controlled by the workers at the expense of, and lose his job because of the extra .$10-20 (just as was customarily placed in the passport to reserve the right place), nobody wants.

A few years ago it was an early check-in, I used the most often used to get the desired location. However, with the development of electronic system of registration and purchase tickets online, there are ways that give greater assurance to receive the preferred place in the cabin.

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Book your place on the plane when buying a ticket

In the case when you get a plane ticket at the official airline, even before the moment of payment you will be offered the scheme of plane salon with availability free places. Of course, the more earlier prior to departure you get a ticket, the comfortable seats will be more so in a situation where before the flight left a few weeks, the airline often have no designated free seats at the window (most interesting is that later, when choosing a place at the front desk they «appear»).

So, right on the airline site, you can select locations directly to all segments of your trip. For example, buying air tickets with departure from London on special offers of airlines from the Persian Gulf (Emirates, Etihad and Qatar), with use which you can often fly to Thailand cheap, you have the opportunity to pre-book a place in four planes. For example, London-Dubai, Dubai-Bangkok, Bangkok-Dubai and Dubai-London. Later, during check-in, just tell the airline employee (just in case) that the seats you have chosen when purchasing tickets.

However, besides the advantages of such a method, there are some drawbacks. For example, some airlines are in the process of buying a ticket does not allow to choose the places located at emergency exits where more legroom, preferring to give this place for strong and tall passengers only at the front desk. Therefore, if you want to reserve these seats in the cabin will still have to request at the reception.

In addition, some airlines charge extra for the opportunity to choose their place of the airline. For example, British Airways appreciates this service from $ 16 to $ 32 for a choice of a place in economy class when flight over medium and long distances, respectively. Choosing a location for the business class, and all will have to pay almost $ 100 (IMHO, a waste of money, because all the places in this class have a high comfort and located just in front of the plane).

Increasingly flights online at the best prices you can buy not on the official websites of airlines, but through special services (search form is available above) when you can check ticket price in 728 airlines, including low cost airlines. As a result, the process of buying tickets have to deal with intermediaries — special agent. As a rule, it does not increase the cost of the ticket (and sometimes makes it cheaper), just being able to self-select your seat you disappear. The best solution in this situation — in the process of registration of the application for a ticket on the agency’s website to write in the comments about your requirements about the choice of locations or to inform the agent on the phone.

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Reservation of seats on the plane upon online registration

More and more people are using non-classical registration on the flight, about which I wrote above, and more convenient in some cases online registration. You can use any special racks online registration at the airport where you are traveling (pictured above), or to make a registration with a choice of seats in the plane salon directly to the airline. This possibility appears usually a day before the departure of your plane or other time period depending on the policy selected airline you. For example, the Etihad company resolves to do this procedure 24 hours prior to departure and is blocking the opportunity for two hours before takeoff on the approved schedule.

On the one hand, the latter method, the advantage is obvious: there is no need for a few hours before departure to arrive at the airport and stand there in the queue for registration. You can come in an hour before departure and immediately take the necessary procedures (passport and customs control). Just do not forget at home or at work boarding passes to choose a place that you want to print upon completion of the online registration process.

However, there are drawbacks: Online registration is not possible in some airlines for passengers with a smallest children, passengers with luggage and passengers carrying pets in the aircraft. On the other hand, the individual airline for online registration on the contrary provide bonuses. For example, Etihad allows to increase the maximum weight of luggage 7 kg (but not for all airports and Minsk in this list not included). By the way, in any case, I recommend to arrive at the airport early, because if online registration of your baggage is allowed by the airline, this is the baggage still have to weigh and take on a stand, so do not be late, because the nerve cells to regenerate poorly.

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At the end of the article is another useful tip: before the online registration on the plane with a selection of places, advance review the schemes of location of these places directly to the model and aircraft modification, which is stated on your flight (usually such information is provided in the printout of your e-ticket). As a rule, such schemes (which are numbered rows and seats, designated emergency and normal exits, the location of the galleys and toilets) are on websites of all the major airlines.

Unsuccessful booking of seats in the plane salon

If for any reason you are could not to book a comfortable chair in your view in the airplane (did not have time to register online, forgot to warn the airline employee at the front or it could not fulfill your request), you still can change it. After completion of the planting, when the stewardess announce end of boarding, you can take a comfortable seat on the plane, if any in sight. You can ask the flight attendant, and even better to warn the last that would change the place immediately upon arrival on board and politely ask her to find good place for you a place.

Another option — just take a comfortable space: it is quite possible that he available and no one no sits there. In the end, you take your «rightful» place and you always have time for this. Thus, there is several ways to reserve a space in the cabin in accordance with your preferences. Use them wisely and all your subsequent flights will be pleasant and comfortable. I wish you pleasant air travel and soft landings!

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