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The main methods of fraud in Thailand

Arsenal methods of fraud in Thailand used to tourists, is constantly increasing, but most scammers use the old and time-tested divorce, which tourists do not cease to be  not protected. Of course, even becoming a participator of one of the following situations, you should not bad to think of all the inhabitants of the Land …

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How can you saving in travel

Our world is becoming more open and provide more opportunities for travel – independents and organized. Therefore no surprise that the number of tourists  increasing annually, and in last times replenished even people with average income or lower middle income. For these travelers  most pressing question of  “How i can saving in travel?”. In this …

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Free assistance in finding hotels for visitors Palma-Travel

Starting in 2015, for all visitors to the blog Palma-Travel available new free service – assistance in finding hotels at the best prices. Therefore, all those who are going abroad to rest on their own and need to find a good hotel at the best price and with the best living conditions, but does not …

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